Eternal Lovecraft : The Persistence of HPL in Popular Culture

Return to Arkham and behold the Old Gods in all their horrific darkness. Eighteen authors take a stab at interpreting the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, master of a compelling style and setting so unique it has spawned a name — Lovecraftian — describing the unique blend of science fiction, fantasy, and horror that made him famous. From Gene Wolfe’s creepy outer-space tale “The Other Dead Man” to Stephen King’s “Crouch End,” where Cthulhu himself would feel right at home, these stories are chillingly inspired by Lovecraft’s style and milieu. Other highlights are stories by Fritz Lieber, Harlan Ellison, and Nancy A. Collins. Settings vary from the Roman Empire to a slightly… different… New England inhabited with alien terrors. Not familiar with H.P. Lovecraft? These stories will make you want to discover his classic fiction, and there’s a wonderful introduction to help you understand the man behind the mythos. This is extradimensionally weird fun. –Therese Littleton