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Contemporary Debates in the Philosophy of Religion

Contemporary Debates in the Philosophy of Religion

This book comes highly recommended by our own Jeffery Jay Lowder, largely based on the reputation of the principal editor, Michael Peterson, as managing editor of the journal Faith and Philosophy, published by the Society of Christian Philosophers.

This book is newly published, and offers an overview of the key debates in modern philosophy of religion. Specifically included are debates on:

  1. Is Evil Evidence against Belief in God?
  2. Does Divine Hiddenness Justify Atheism?
  3. Does Science Discredit Religion?
  4. Is God’s Existence the Best Explanation of the Universe?
  5. Does Religious Experience Justify Religious Belief?
  6. Is It Rational for Christians to Believe in the Resurrection?
  7. Can Only One Religion Be True?
  8. Does God Take Risks in Governing the World?
  9. Does God Respond to Petitionary Prayer?
  10. Is Eternal Damnation Compatible with the Christian Concept of God?
  11. Is Morality Based on God’s Commands?
  12. Should a Christian Be a Mind’Body Dualist?

The above list fairly comprehensively covers most issues that arise in debates between atheists and Christians. While the two editors are closely associated with small Christian colleges, the essay participants include a number of atheists, including long-time II supporters Michael Martin and Evan Fales. This is thus an excellent overview of both the theistic and atheistic positions within the modern topic of Philosophy of Religion.

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