Christian No More: On Leaving Christianity, Debunking Christianity, and Embracing Atheism and Freethinking

Christian No More: On Leaving Christianity, Debunking Christianity, and Embracing Atheism and Freethinking

Book Description

In Christian No More Jeffrey Mark dismantles Christianity, showing how it is a fraud founded on myths that have no basis in reality, built on a theology of threats, including hell, that cannot be real. He takes the reader through a wonderful journey of science, history, myth–and even theology.

Mark details his own journey, first as a devout Christian in a mainstream church, to finally finding happiness as he came to realize that the Bible and threats of eternal damnation simply could not be real.

This book is a great resource for doubting Christians needing support, agnostics looking for clarification, and atheists looking for new arguments.


Chapter 1, p. 17, The Collapsing Tower of Babel

Chapter 2, p. 29, I am Worthless (and So Are You)

Chapter 3., p. 65, Of Science and Logic

Chapter 4., p. 83, Knowledge, Religion, and Society

Chapter 5., p. 119, Creating a Deity: Lies, Fears, Threats

Chapter 6., p. 137, Bible Facts and Myths

Chapter 7., p. 201, Dissecting Christianity

Chapter 8., p. 235, Letting Go and Walking Away

Index, p. 277


“I’m indeed pleased that Jeffrey Mark and I agree so closely on the riveting issues he courageously dissects in this splendid book, because his impeccable logic is, in my view, irrefutable. This book is a delight to read—both in terms of Jeff’s obvious talents as a writer, and in his smooth organization of complex material which, in lesser hands, would not have been so systemically argued and easy to understand. This unique and outstanding book is destined to become iconic in the freethought community.”

— David Mills, author of Atheist Universe

“Jeffrey Mark’s engaging new book, Christian No More, is sure to make a lasting impact on every believer who reads it. This powerful work is an intellectual broadside to the world’s most popular religion. One wonders how any honest and thinking Christian can confront the material contained in this remarkable book and not come away with a very different view of their religion. Hard hitting but never bitter or mean, this book addresses a broad range of topics. So much ground is covered, in fact, that I recommend it for nonbelievers as well as believers. Every reader, regardless of perspective, is sure to learn and benefit. Ultimately, the greatest value of Christian No More may be that it can serve as the perfect manual or guidebook for people who sense that they might enjoy vastly improved lives if only they could break free from the dogmatic belief imposed on them by family and society. Christian No More shows them the escape route.”

— Guy P. Harrison, author of 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God