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Bringing UFOs Down to Earth

Bringing UFOs Down to Earth

Pioneer investigator of UFO claims urges young readers to think before believing that aliens have landed.

Young people love the mystery that accompanies believing in Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). To children, the world of the unknown is often much more exciting than the world they know. Yet in their early search for the truth, it’s important for young people to know that the vast majority of historical cases of UFOs have been scientifically explained and are not so mysterious after all.

Bringing UFOs Down to Earth by Philip J. Klass, the “Sherlock Holmes of UFOlogy,” is a fun book for youngsters, ages 9 and up, offering UFO facts every kid should know. In terms that are easy to understand, Klass explains how UFO reports are investigated and explained rationally, the role of the media, and how some people easily become confused by what they believe to be “extraterrestrial crafts.” Filled with many humorous illustrations and cartoons, Bringing UFOs Down to Earth emphasizes a healthy skepticism, critical thinking, and independent problem-solving as the best defense against unfounded and extraordinary claims.

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