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World Peace Now

If you could do something to bring about World Peace, wouldn’t you want to try?

That was exactly my thought when I learned that Pope John Paul II has just created a “Patron Saint of the Internet.” Isidore, who was the Archbishop of Seville when he lived way back in 560-636 C.E., was considered such a learned man that he evidently is deemed capable of mastering the modern-day Internet from wherever he currently resides.

Curious as to whether this newly-created Saint could handle the task I have in mind, I consulted the online Catholic Encyclopedia to learn more about him. Sure enough, one writing credited to him states: “When we pray, we talk to God; when we read, God talks to us.”

So here is what I propose. All good Catholics–and anyone else so inclined–should ask Saint Isidore to talk to God, using the following prayer, and let us read God’s answer.

Dear God–Certain Christian elements of contemporary society are advocating a return to the Ten Commandments and other principles of living as outlined in the Hebrew scriptures. However, the rest of society sees many of these principles as outdated, unethical, and unbelievably cruel by modern standards.

Now with the advent of that marvel of communication, the Internet, it would be a great help to us all if you, yourself, God, would use this modern method of revelation to issue forth 21st Century Commandments to resolve this controversy.

After all, it’s much easier to use a keyboard than to chisel words on stone tablets…

Furthermore, with almost everyone now having access to a computer, there is no reason we shouldn’t get our messages direct, without going through the Pope or James Dobson.

If you really care about the fate of humankind, God, you will make known the Real Truth. Various interpretations of your ancient scriptures have splintered religious believers, giving rise to a multitude of churches, synagogues and mosques, a preponderance of pathetic preachers polluting the airwaves on radio and television, and a number of disputes about religion on the Internet itself.

Indeed, through the ages, your scriptures have caused deep divisions leading to persecutions and atrocities around the globe as offshoot religions tried to interpret them by adding their own books. Holy wars rage even today over these differences. Protestants battle Catholics in Northern Ireland. Yugoslavia is torn apart by ancient hatreds between Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Muslim believers. Muslims and Christians war in Southeast Asia, and the Holy Land itself is racked with killings between Arab and Jew.

We beg you to end all this strife, God. You have only to use the Internet to broadcast the Truth once and for all. With the capability of instant global communication the Internet provides, one message from you, God, would finally settle all disputes and fulfill the mission of PEACE ON EARTH. Amen.

So we can instantly read the reply to this prayer when it comes, Christians should reserve a website for God, and God alone. It would be left “blank” until He/She/It is ready to zap a little divinely inspired HTML or Java code onto the server and let the revelation begin!