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The Morality of the Christ?

The basic idea behind Christianity is that “God” somehow turned himself into an ordinary man named Jesus Christ and lived and worked here on Earth as an average person. Christians and their apologists present this belief as profoundly moral and proof of “God’s” superior morality. The question we should ask ourselves: is the basic Christian belief, that of the “God-man,” really a moral belief or not?

My answer is that this belief is not a moral one because Jesus Christ, the God-Man described in the Bible (if he really existed), would be a liar, a fraud and a sadomasochist. Obviously a liar, a fraud and a sadomasochist couldn’t be an example of superior morality or “Christian” values. So there is no real morality in the story of Christ as presented in the Gospels.

Jesus would be a liar and a fraud because if he were God, he could never be an ordinary person. No matter how hard Jesus worked at being an ordinary person, he would still be God because he could in the blink of an eye change everything. Jesus wouldn’t be a man, he’d be a God playing man. If Jesus went around telling ordinary people that he was a man he would be a liar and on some level a fraud. Jesus Christ wouldn’t be a man, then, he’d be a fraud, a hollow mockery of humanity.

Worse, Jesus would be a sadomasochist, that is a person who enjoys inflicting pain and suffering upon himself. By experiencing life in First Century Palestine in all its glory, Jesus would be inflicting pain, torture and violence upon himself. He even allowed himself to be whipped and tortured to death by the Romans. Such behavior isn’t an example of morality, it is an example of psychotic behavior.

If experiencing such suffering himself wasn’t bad enough, Jesus chose to let others suffer along with him. Jesus not only enjoyed pain and suffering but he made sure everybody else suffered as well.

Would anybody consider a doctor who had the drugs needed to cure a painful disease but refused to use those drugs on his patients, then injected himself with the bacteria which caused that disease so he could feel his patients’ pain, a moral or a great person? Of course not. Such a doctor would be arrested, stripped of his license and quite probably committed to a mental hospital.

Yet that’s exactly what the Jesus Christ described in the Bible was; he had the power to end all human suffering, but he didn’t use it. Instead he experienced that suffering himself and then arrogantly claimed moral superiority because he was sharing people’s suffering.

The God who walked on the Earth as a man would not be an example of higher morality. He’d be an example of lunacy and mental illness. And since God is supposed to be perfect, God couldn’t be mentally ill. So whoever or whatever Jesus was, he couldn’t have been an omnipotent God. Since Jesus wasn’t God then what was he? Most likely Jesus was just a man who suffered from some sort of mental illness.

Since the basic belief behind Christianity is not a moral one, Christianity cannot and should not be seen as a faith that encourages real morality. Instead it should be seen as a faith that discourages morality by promoting a set of beliefs that encourages its adherents to teach falsehoods as the truth.