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Religion is the Cause of Violence

I have often wondered if the lunatics of the Republican ‘God Squad’ know how much Hitler would have loved them. That idiot from Idaho, Republican Helen Chenoweth wanted us to have a national day of “fasting and humiliation before God.” This was a follow up to her extended period of adultery. George W. Bush said a few years ago that “people who do not accept Jesus Christ will not go to heaven.” So much for the Jews and Buddhists and all U.S. citizens not Christian. And he wants to be the President.

It is religion that, historically, has always produced violence. From Moses to the Crusades, Henry VIII, Salem, Hitler, Kosovo. Today, in our own time, it is those countries without religion that are the LEAST vilolent.

America is the most ‘religious’ of the world’s industrialized nations, and yet is the most violent nation in the world.

Pat Robertson recently said this: “take the Holy Bible from people and they will run amok.” The monumental stupidity of this man is scary. Japan, without the bible, but with Buddhism has less violent crimes than any other nation in the world. It seems that we should be hanging Buddhist teachings in our public schools.

The murder rate here in America is six times higher than Britain, seven times higher than France, five times more than Sweden and Australia.

Louisiana has the highest church attendance rate in America. It also has twice the national average for murders. The same with God Squad Tom DeLay’s bible toting state of Texas.

Violence and biblical religion go hand in hand and yet, our Republican leaders want more of it. Their language would make Hitler smile. Hitler would love their social agenda.

Hitler had religion and wanted more of it for Germany. He was a Roman Catholic and was confirmed as a “soldier of Christ” in that church. He was steeped in its liturgy. Hatred of the Jews was promoted in Germany by Catholics and Lutherans. In his book MEIN KAMPF Hitler wrote: “I am completely convinced that I am acting as the agent of God. I am now a Catholic and will always remain so.”

Hitler never left the church and the church never left him. Great books were banned by the church but MEIN KAMPF was never banned. Hitler was never excommunicated.

Under Hitler, ‘Jesus’ prayers became mandatory in all schools. Abortion was a crime. Homosexuality was criminalized. Hitler put into practice everything our Republican leaders are now pushing for America.

Biblical religion and violence go hand in hand. They always have, from Moses to Kosovo to America’s bible belt.

If you want an education, read THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH, the pulitzer prize winning book by William Shirer.

And then: Wake Up!

The time is short……

The hour is late……