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New Pledge of Allegiance

Now I sit me down in school
Where organized prayer’s against the rule

For this great nation, under law
Its founders, a great vision they saw

Though most were Christian, all of them knew
The importance of religious freedom too

And so they erected a great wall
To guarantee freedom of thought for all

For the separation between church and state
Is the very thing that makes our nation great

It’s not that the founders ever thought
That spirituality should not be taught

And it’s not that any of them meant to say
That people should not be allowed to pray

But they understood that there should be a separate place
Where all could learn without saying grace

That teachers should teach us to read and write
While preachers and parents should extol God’s might

Some people think that kids have gotten worse
Because teachers don’t make them say enough verse

They don’t understand that the reason they’re bad
Is the lack of discipline from mom and dad

But the puzzling thing is all this fuss
Over something that was taught to each one of us

Perhaps those who don’t understand the rule
Should have prayed less and studied more in school