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Christian Terrorism

My step-daughter works for Planned Parenthood. She asked me to tell
my readers about Christian terrorism right here in the United States.
She said: “Do your readers have any idea what it is like to go to
work day after day wondering if there is some Christian nut waiting with
a bomb or gun for you?” “Do your readers have any idea what it is like
to get obscene and threatening phone calls every day, to get threatening
letters in the mail every week?”

Her office has been hit once with a bomb.
Here is what she is talking about. Listen to Randall Terry, founder
of the violent anti-abortion terrorist group they call “Operation Rescue”
“You abortion people better flee, because we will find you, and we
will execute you. I mean every word of it. I have made it a part of my
mission to see that you are tried and executed. I am a Christian Reconstructionist.
I believe the Christian church should run this country. Let?s get the State
out of the Church?s business. The Christian bible is the center of civilization.”

Listen to Clayton Lee Wagner: “God called me to make war on his enemies…and
it does not matter to God or me if you’re a nurse…receptionist…bookkeeper
or janitor…If you work for a murderous abortionist, I am going to kill

Listen to Jerry Falwell: “I really believe that the pagans…and
the abortionists…and the feminists…and the gays and lesbians…as well
as the ACLU and People For The American Way…all of them…should take
the blame for God allowing this to happen [the World Trade Center disaster].
I point my finger in their face and say that to them.”

And then there is the anthrax scare currently alarming the whole nation.
Few people realize that abortion providers had been victims of at least
80 anthrax threats since 1998. On October 15, following this new wave of
actual anthrax cases, more than 100 supposedly tainted letters flooded
family planning clinics across the nation. Some of the messages inside
said they were from the “Army of God” — the underground antiabortion
group in whose name a 20-year crime spree of arson, assassination and bombing
has been carried out against abortion providers — and announced “We
are going to kill all of you.”
The spokesman for the group, Donald
Spitz, denied having any knowledge of where the hoax letters came from,
but he cheerfully announced that the flood of potentially life-threatening
mail “made my day.”
This is Christian terrorism in America. Convicted bomber Mahmud Abouhalima,
a Muslim, and Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham’s son, Franklin,
all sound exactly alike using the same kind of terrorist language.
Do you understand what my step-daughter is talking about? What she fears
daily, with Christian fanatics on the loose in our society? Forget about
the Muslims for a day or two and become concerned and informed about the
Christian terrorism in every state in America.
Do you understand why my step-daughter asked me to write about the terrorism
she experiences every day? If you do not, she invites you to join her for
a week and ride to work with her… wondering… wondering… wondering… what
Christian nut might be waiting with a bomb, or a gun put to your head.