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Atheist LImericks

An invisible pal, Harvey, means I’m depraved,
An invisible pal, Jesus, means that I’m saved,
If enough people buy it,
and too few deny it,
The rules of logic and reason are waved.

Ever notice that when the bible is touted,
how the weakest points are usually shouted,
as if they want to prevent,
any thoughts of dissent,
but why should “Truth” be afraid to be doubted?

We well know, they insist on Sundays
that God hates sex, abortion and gays!
but when you ask them why
so many innocents die,
they mutter “Who are we to know His ways?”

They would impose what they insist is true,
whether they’re Christian, Muslim or Jew
Even God doesn’t try,
our freedom to deny,
What right, fellow mortals, have you?

The fundies want to teach it in school,
that belief in God is a manifest rule,
To assist their campaign,
I’d suggest this refrain,
“Believe in gods, and you’re nobody’s fool!”

I once believed, but have turned a new leaf
and for that, they’ve given me much grief
but its surely no blunder
to have a mind open in wonder
than a mind rigidly closed shut in belief.

How should our start be perceived,
by evolution or as divinely received?
but I’m quite a bit leery
of their talking snake theory
and I think it’s a bit misconceived.