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I have avoided the subject of abortion and the “pro-lifers.” But the time
has come when I feel that I would like to make some observations.

If a person wants to simply say “I do not like abortion. I am against
that is fine. That?s their opinion and they have every right to express

But, it is when they start using the Bible and the Church to justify and
condone their anti-choice position that I cringe. They apparently do not
realize how inane and unhinged they appear when they march around carrying
signs quoting the commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” or equally absurd
signs using the Church or God for justification.

After Moses told the people that the “Thou shalt not kill” order
came from “God,” he then proceeded to give some of the most vicious commands
in the history of civilization, telling the Hebrews to kill just about everything
that walked or moved.

And Moses even told them that “God” blessed all of this barbaric slaughter.
He gave commands for genocide?to kill babies and children?(except the young
virgins?the men were to keep them?and use them). He gave orders for a scorched
earth policy?and thousands were slaughtered as a result of the commands of
Moses. Open your Bible, pro-lifers, and start reading at Numbers 31:17

As for using the Christian Church to justify the pro-life position, I
would seriously suggest to those marching in the streets that they read the
history of their church regarding murder, if they can stand it. The Church
has one of the most horrible, unjust and cruel murder records in the history
of our species, from Constantine through the Inquisition to the Salem witch

The Inquisition, started in Spain in 1233, was joined in 1478 by the Pope,
run by the Holy Office, and covered all of Europe. It was not ended until
1820. For 600 years the Christian Church carried on the systematic, horrible
slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent men and women.

The torture chambers of the “Christian” Inquisition were filled with instruments
that stagger the human mind and human sensibilities: racks, thumb screws,
iron maidens, knives, whips, scourges, fire, tongs and hoists. You could
not bear to read how these were used on innocent human beings.

John Calvin burned Servetus at the stake because the brilliant Servetus
said he could not find any evidence of the Trinity in the Gospels.

Had Jesus lived during that period, there is no question that he, too,
would have been sent to the torture chambers or burned at the stake by the

And now, those using the Church and the Bible for justification of their
anti-choice position condemn abortion as “murder” of the “unborn,” while the
Church itself has a 600-year history of the most horrible and brutal murders
of the “born.”

I would suggest that those mindlessly waving banners in the streets read
some church history, and take time to reflect on the hypocrisy of their position.
If they want to say simply, “I am against abortion” and let it go
at that, fine. But in the name of all that is truth, and all that is sacred,
let them stop using the bloody hands of Moses and the Church for their justification.