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ImageDecember 14: Back by pope-ular demand

Have you ever wanted to commit adultery, but been too worried about your immortal soul? If so, the Catholic Church's new offer could be the bargain you've been waiting for! Click here for more details.

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[USA Today]August 24: Has science proven the "divine" health benefits of religion?

On July 25, 1998, USA Today dredged up a 2 1/2-year-old Associated Press article extolling the beneficial health effects of religion, and re-featured it as if it had just been written (it has since been rearchived and properly dated). But we have come to expect no better from the press. And the article's case isn't any more persuasive the second time around. click here.

[Newspaper]August 12: On Their Honor: Has the Media Told the Whole Truth about the BSA-UUA Dispute?

In a dispute between the Boy Scouts of America and the Unitarian Universalist Association over the exclusion of gays and nonbelievers, the national news media has misreported the dispute as being about gays only.For the missing half of the story and an explanation of why the newspapers failed to meet their most basic obligation to their readers - click here.

July 30: Is the American Flag a Secular Symbol or a Sacred Icon?

What people don't realize is that it is already illegal to physically damage someone else's flag or the flag on some government property. Vandalism laws already prohibit damaging someone else's property. Thus, this amendment would remove constitutional protection for what you do with your own individually owned American flag. Why should freethinkers care about the Flag Desecration Amendment?

July 20: Do Human Rights Stop At The Church Door?

The European Convention on Human Rights prohibits discriminating against someone based on his or her race, gender or religion. The UK government recently announced that it planned to incorporate the document into UK law. So how did the churches react to a law prohibiting religious discrimination?

July 12: Everyone's a Skeptic--About Other Religions

Everyone on Earth is a religious disbeliever - in one way or another. Protestants doubt Catholic claims of Virgin Mary visits. Muslims doubt Hindu assertions that the pious should pray over models of Shiva's penis. Christians doubt that Santeria gods want animals sacrificed to them. Jews doubt the Christian claim that the Messiah already arrived. Non-Mormons doubt the Mormon claim that Jesus came to America. And the whole human race now doubts the Aztec feathered serpent god. For a whimsical look at universal disbelief, click here.

June 22: The God of Terrorism

Pat Robertson recently predicted that Florida would get hit by a hurricane because it hosted "Gay Days". But what sort of God does Robertson belive in? Click here for a nontheistic perspective on the situation.

Image May 30: Religious Freedom Amendment

The Religious Freedom Amendment has one objective and that is to reintroduce school prayer and Bible reading into public school classrooms. Despite its title, it is not intended to provide religious freedom for people of all faiths or no faith.Instead, it is intended to allow the unrestrained propagation of the majority religion, namely Christianity. Why else would the Fundamentalist Religious Right be so excited about this Amendment? Click here for a nontheistic perspective on the situation.

[image of hands clasped in prayer]May 24: World Prayer Center?

Construction workers in Colorado Springs are at work on a $5.5 million, 55,000 square foot building which will be called the "World Prayer Center." The idea is to link everyone around the globe in prayer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But is prayer something we can really believe in? Click here for a nontheistic perspective on the situation.

[National Day of Prayer Logo]May 9: National Day of Prayer?

On May 7, 1998, more than a million Americans reportedly observed the 47th annual National Day of Prayer. The theme was, "America, Return to God," and was based on Joel 2:12-13. In other words, we must repent of our sins and submit our lives to God. But what are the legal implications of government sponsorship of this religious observance? Click here for a nontheistic perspective on the situation.

[Wall Street Journal]April 26: Anti-Atheist Media Bias?

Many political and religious conservatives complain that American media is "liberal," "secular," or even "anti-Christian." But is this really true? Was the recent Wall Street Journal attack on the Campus Freethought Alliance just an anomaly? Or is the American media biased in favor of theism? Click here for a nontheistic perspective on the situation.