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Victor Reppert

Victor Reppert

The Argument from Reason (1998)

Reppert argues that the existence of human reason gives us good reason to suppose that God exists. If the world were as the materialist supposes, then we would be unable to reason to this conclusion. This contention is often challenged by the claim that mental and physical explanations can be given for the same event. But a close examination of the question of explanatory compatibility reveals that the sort of explanation that would have to be given for the events of inferring that atheism is true, for example, is incompatible with the event being explicable as a purely physical product of a physical universe.

Hume on Miracles, Frequencies, and Prior Probabilities (1998)

Both apologetics and anti-apologetics should be engaged in persuasion, not coercion, and the attempt to ground irrationality charges against one's opponents is a misguided enterprise.