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Richard Morey

Richard Morey is a graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He works as a graduate research assistant in the Department of Psychology studying Cognition and Neuroscience. His work in the Perception and Cognition lab currently revolves around visual perception and character recognition. He holds a bachelor's degree in music with an emphasis in voice and a minor in philosophy from the Florida State University. His interests include philosophy of science, science education, computer programming, web design, and tropical aquarium fish. He resides in Columbia, Missouri with his wife.

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Kiosk Article

Poisoning the Well

The public debate about Newdow v. U.S. Congress is of very low quality. Politicians, the media, columnists, and the public all seem to either have severe misunderstandings of the issues involved, or worse, appear to deliberately twist the facts. Until the public debate becomes more rational, we cannot hope to have anything good come out of it.