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Paul Pardi

Paul F. Pardi

BA Bible / Theology, Cedarville Collge, 1991
MA Philosophy, Biola University, 1998

Paul actively works with churches teaching philosophy and ethics and is an active member of The Evangelical Philosophical Society and the Society of Christian Philosophers. Paul speaks at conferences in the Northwest and has written articles on trends in philosophy and religion as well as book reviews for the journal Philosophia Christi. He is an adjunct professor of philosophy at Seattle Pacific University and Green River Community College.

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The Argument from Nonbelief : A Rejoinder

In Nonbelief and Evil, Theodore Drange presents what he calls the Argument from Nonbelief against the existence of God: the fact that not all people believe the gospel message before they die provides grounds for denying that the Christian God exists. Pardi contends, however, that there are good reasons to deny that this inference goes through; he argues that given the nature of free persons, it is not within the set of logically possible states of affairs that God is able to actualize. Further, Pardi contends that Drange has an inadequate understanding of religious belief that should be rejected and replaced with a more robust formulation.