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Nevyn O'Kane

Nevyn O'Kane is a History and Philosophy major at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. Married with no children (ever) to a beautiful intelligent woman, he is a frequently scathing (thus less often published) comment writer. An atheist with pagan tendencies, primary issues include state and church separation, animal rights, gay rights, social injustice, and a woman's right to choose. Professional goals include a professorship in Philosophy of Religion, and continued journalistic contributions.

Published on the Secular Web

Kiosk Article

"Atheist" Scare-Quotes Original

"'Atheist.' You can almost hear the thunder rolling in the background. Just in the last few days, I've seen 'atheist' written in ways that indicate that the word represents a menacing entity--or even something supernatural. This seems to tell me that 'atheist' and 'atheism' are not only terms commonly misunderstood, but also words outside normal, acceptable, rational speech."

Morality Mine

In a recent article in The Leaf Chronicle, Jim Monday, with the help of the Barna Research Group, manages to paint a surreal picture of the State and Church separation issue that is a sad reflection of the overall misconceptions often found on the far right.