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Mikhail Dvortsov

Mikhail Dvortsov graduated from Moscow State University with a major in political science and philosophy. He also studied theatre, film and acting in Russia as well as in the USA. He and his wife are currently doing research into creating a general theory of the psychology of thinking at the foundation they established together in New York. Mr. Dvortsov is also finishing an "anti-Mel Gibson" full feature film, currently in post-production.

Published on the Secular Web

Kiosk Article

Hi! I Am a Secular Conserv… BRRR…

"I felt an itching sensation to add another fringe color to our progressive rainbow: 'Hi! I am a secular conserv...' Brrr! Just an innocent attempt to spell out my political identity gives me goose bumps! I can imagine the apoplectic reaction from a sea of secular progressive officers and religious liberal soldiers: 'A conservative among our troops?!'"