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Madalyn Murry Ohair

[1919 - 1995]

Agnostics (n.d.)

According to O'Hair, "The agnostic is gutless and prefers to keep one safe foot in the god camp."

O'Hair vs. Huxley - A Totally Misdirected Attack (1999) by Bill Schultz

In a very real sense, it takes even more "guts" to proclaim oneself to be "agnostic" because it immediately subjects one to attack from both theists and atheists, many of whom in each camp prefer to see agnostics as members of "the enemy's camp."

Fundamentalism (1986)

Position Statement on the FCC Hoax (n.d.)

"the National Religious Broadcasters and the Oklahoma Christian Crusade began a rumor that Madalyn O'Hair had filed the petition with the FCC and that it had contained 27,000 signatures. THIS WAS A BALD FACED LIE."

Rewriting of History by Christians (1969) (Off Site)

Probably the single thing which angers Atheists more then any other practice of Christianity is the insistence the religious community of Christians has on bending the facts of history to conform with their ideas and beliefs.

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