Lynne H. Schultz

Lynne H. (Ankrum) Schultz is a freelance writer for @nzone magazine and a frequent Secular Web contributor. She also volunteers as a national atheist ombuds, collecting reports of slurs and discrimination against atheists and reporting them to nontheist organizations. Schultz maintains the Current Status of America's Wall of Church-State Separation: A State By State Guide section of the Secular Web, operates the DALnet #atheism channel under the nick "Godlessheathen," and is a member of several nontheist and church-state separation organizations. Visit her at The Godlessheathen Home Page.

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Ghosts, Vampires, Pat Robertson and Other Scary Creatures

Almost everybody is excited about Halloween, including most of the television stations. This month, ABC will be airing “World’s Scariest Ghosts: Caught on Tape, while NBC will launch a new series, called “Cursed”, about a man who’s date got angry and put a hex on him. The Fox channel will be showing “FreakyLinks”, featuring stories […]