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Jon Jermey

Jon Jermey is an indexer, trainer and long-time sceptic. He is the moderator of the Atheist Wiki and the Religious Atrocities blog. He has recently extended his skepticism to Microsoft Windows and set up a training site for Linux applications users at learnubuntu.com.au.

Published on the Secular Web

Kiosk Article

Why Choose Creationism?

"It is misguided to regard the growth of Creationism as a major threat to Western civilization. On the contrary, Creationism is exactly what we can expect to see from a collapsing religion. It's last-ditch defensive behavior—the equivalent of a hedgehog rolling into a ball. It's what's left of Christianity when all the behavioral precepts have been discarded. It is belief for the sake of belief. So if you're an atheist, please don't waste too much energy on Creationism."