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John Douglas

I am an inventor, writer, music composer, professional musician, philosopher, filmmaker, athlete, husband, and father. Through creativity and personal discipline, I have discovered new ways to approach life's unexpected obstacles. I have played music for over 25 years and now find comfort staying home on our 5-acre lot in Athens, Ohio. I have a bachelors degree from Ohio University with specialties in Economics, Philosophy, and Political Science. I have performed internationally and nationally with my contemporary jazz band. I have coproduced three music CDs, one of which in 2000 was nominated for the American Independent Music Award's "Album of the Year." I have also coproduced a video Documentary of a self-taught folk artist, "Aethered," who is a recent addition to the "Dictionary of Aesthetics." In 1994, I received an individual artist award from the Ohio Arts Council for music composition.

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