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John Bice

John Bice is a freelance writer and graduate of Michigan State University, where he is currently employed. Since 2002, he has concentrated on writing opinion editorials from an unapologetically godless perspective. His direct and playfully combative writing style regularly elicits both praise and criticism, and has won international fans. Aside from an interest in politics, religion, philosophy, and science, he is an avid beer enthusiast with a particular fondness for the American craft-brewing industry. His first book, published in 1999, is titled Tap into the Great Lakes, a regional microbrewery guidebook. A collection of his articles can be found online here.

Published on the Secular Web

Kiosk Article

Moral Relativism and the Catholic Church

Although the church's animosity toward the concept of moral relativism has achieved a great deal of press coverage, there has been reluctance by the media to state the obvious: the Catholic Church has engaged in moral relativism repeatedly throughout its history. Calls for moral absolutism will only slow the increasing sexual and social freedom of women, the recognition of equality for homosexuals, and the advancement of science. If history is any guide, the church will eventually be forced to reinvent itself once more and embrace modern moral judgments regarding these issues. At which point, no doubt, the church will pretend it never believed anything different, and insist that its current moral beliefs are absolute and represent the unchanging truth as given by god.