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Jeremy Shaughnessy

Jeremy Shaughnessy was born and raised a Roman Catholic in India. At the age of 6 he became an atheist, only to return to Catholicism at age 16. His atheism stemmed from having become fed up with prayers and rituals, while his reconversion to Christianity was due to insecurity after losing his father. Around 2001 he started leaning towards rationalism, and ultimately became more and more rationalistic over time. Today Jeremy is a legal secretary and paralegal by profession. He currently resides in Pune (Pûné/Poona), India, near Mûmbaï. In addition to identifying as a rationalist Christian, he is a also a trade-unionist and animal rights supporter.

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Kiosk Article

The Absurdities of Sakshi Apologetics

Earlier this year Jeremy Shaughnessy was invited to attend a "How the Bible Changed the World" seminar in Poona, India, organized by Sakshi Apologetics Network of India. Many prominent Christian speakers in India participated in the event, including Christopher Singh, Ashish John, Asher John, Narendra Sahoo, and Chandrakant Wakankar. More often than not, these speakers either made historically, scientifically, and logically fallacious statements or drew from correct statements conclusions that were laughably mistaken. Although a Christian himself, in this essay Shaughnessy reviews many of the themes of this Christian apologetics seminar and how they regularly consisted of a string of non sequiturs.