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Jeff Summers

Jeff Summers is a former evangelical Christian who, for over two decades, claimed Jesus Christ as his personal lord and savior. As rational evidence mounted against his faith, instead of suppressing the resulting doubts he attacked them head-on. Contrary to the expected outcome, his faith ultimately collapsed under the overwhelming amount of evidence against the Christian god. He currently considers himself a nontheist with a mind open to the possibility of a deistic god.

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Kiosk Article

Is Moral Relativism the Only Logical Option?

Christian apologists are quick to tout the notion that human morality must be based upon an objective, unchanging standard. These defenders of the faith speak at great length in an attempt to enumerate the absurdities of a moral code which is relative to time, culture and person. However, if one dissects their arguments they are shown to provide no logical case for objective morality; rather, they merely assert a need for it and show that relativism does not meet that need. Not only do they fail to show a naturally necessary case for objective morality, they fail to understand that their own stated mechanism—in this case the Christian god—necessarily fails to impart humans with an objective moral code upon which they can reliably base decisions.