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Janet Brazill

Janet Brazill is a retired computer systems analyst, now engaged in political and social activism. Janet lives in Colorado Springs and is a member of the Freethinkers of Colorado Springs.

Published on the Secular Web

Kiosk Article

Attacks on Religious Liberty Intensify

Separation of church and state is being undermined by those who see an advantage to promoting their own religious agenda. Emboldened by the favorable political climate in the current administration, and energized by the upcoming election, they seem to be intensifying their attacks; one egregious example is that of the Catholic Church. Unless stopped, they will succeed in changing the very foundation of this country, bringing to an end the religious liberty we now take for granted.

The Power of Hatred

The ability to hate is an undeniable trait of humankind. Although we often hear that Christian "love" can overcome all the failings we possess, in 2000 years it hasn't happened. Instead, the Bible seems to intensify a believer's own proclivities.

A Cafeteria Pope

On March 12, Pope John Paul II made history by asking forgiveness for the conduct of his†Church over the centuries. The Church characterizes those who pick and choose what to believe to be "cafeteria Catholics." Citing a long list of sins of his predecessors, the Pope conveniently omitted his own crime against women and children, thus making his own apology a "cafeteria confession."