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James Hannam

James Hannam

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In Defense of the Fine Tuning Design Argument (2001)

James Hannam argues that atheists have yet to refute the fine tuning argument to design, and therefore we may have reason to believe there was a divine creator.

Response to James Hannam's "In Defense of the Fine Tuning Design Argument" (2001) by Richard Carrier

Response to James Hannam's defense of the fine tuning argument for a Creator. Lists and discusses several sweeping problems with even carefully stated versions of the argument, such as Hannam's.

Objection Dismissed on Appeal (2006)

Though Kyle J. Gerkin's critique of Lee Strobel's The Case for Faith has a great deal to recommend it, and probably even represents the conventional wisdom in skeptical circles, his reply to objection #7 contains a number of factual errors. While earlier historians would have agreed with many of Gerkin's points, current research in the history of science and religion that has yet to percolate into the public consciousness casts doubt upon much of what he says. In this essay Hannam outlines Gerkin's various errors of fact, distinguishing his own views from the relatively uncontroversial conclusions of historians.

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Objection Dismissed on Appeal

(2006) Introduction Kyle J. Gerkin’s critique of Lee Strobel’s The Case for Faith has a great deal to recommend it. It is not my intention to defend Strobel’s apologetics and I have not even read any of his books. Rather, as a historian specializing in the history of science and religion, as well as being […]