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J. Wesley Robbins

Evolutionary Naturalism, Theism, and Skepticism about the External World (2000)

In the closing chapter of Warrant and Proper Function Alvin Plantinga claims that the combination of naturalism and evolutionary theory is epistemologically self-defeating. As Robbins points out, however, Plantinga's argument only applies those who hold a "generically Cartesian" picture of the mind, not to those who hold a "generically pragmatist" view of mind. What Plantinga has shown to be self-defeating, if anything, is the generically Cartesian view of our minds. While generic Cartesianism generates the problem of knowledge of the external world, the generically pragmatist view of mind dissolves it.

Secular Humanism, Christian Theism, and the Meaning of Life (2000)

Robbins refutes J.P. Moreland's claim that, so far as the meaning of life is concerned, the best way to live one's life is in terms of Christian theism.