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J. Cafesin

J. Cafesin is a freelance writer of essays, novels, and copy in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has many published essays and articles in local and national publications, including USA Today, The Monthly, The Front Porch, Adbusters, Wild Child, Fate, Women’s Day, and others. She also has a column in the Examiner. She has written two mainstream/contemporary novels (the first comes out with Zumaya Press in 2010): a SciFi action/thriller screenplay, and a collection of young adult short stories; samples of these works can be viewed at: www.jcafesin.com.

Published on the Secular Web

Kiosk Article

Raising Kids Without Religion

"We must teach our children to recognize their radiating effects on all they touch, and not only acknowledge their mighty power but embrace the responsibility that comes with it to further humanity's development, not for rewards in an afterlife, but to help make it possible for generations to come to experience living."