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Imran Aijaz

Imran Aijaz

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Does God Exist? (2002)

Dr. Bill Cooke of the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists engages a short, Internet debate on whether God exists with Imran Aijaz of the Auckland University Islamic Society. The debate was moderated by Richard Carrier. All parties agreed to four rounds, with a limit of 1500 words each.

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Evidentialist Apologetics in Islam (2002) (Off Site)

Aijaz discusses two common apologetics in Islam: Qur'anic I'jaz (the Qur'an is allegedly inimitable, thereby demonstrating its divine origin), and Scientific Miracles (the Qur'an allegedly presents scientific facts which were unknown at the time of its revelation, thereby demonstrating its divine origin). He finds both apologetics wanting and suggests that they should be discarded.

Is Trinitarian Ontology Coherent? (2002) (Off Site)

"The doctrine of the Trinity as presented in the Athanasian Creed depicts an ontologically incoherent model of God. ... If one is to remain consistent with the philosophical treatment of theism in contemporary philosophy by the likes of Swinburne and Craig, it follows that the doctrine of the Trinity, and its relation to 'Christian monotheism'==being profoundly irrational==should be abandoned."


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Does God Exist? Imran Aijaz’s Closing Statement

Does God Exist? (2002) Imran Aijaz’s Closing Statement I find it rather surprising to see Dr. Cooke “wonder[ing] what value there is in thrashing out questions of the existence of God”. If a being like the God of classical theism does, in fact, exist, then man is part of a teleological worldview that is unfolding […]