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Gym Would

Gym Would has an MA in counseling psychology and works as a staff professional in a college on the buckle of the Bible Belt, Indiana. He and his sidekick Gyl do consultations and presentations with individuals and groups about the advantages of unlearning belief-addiction. He claims that if you could clear all of the beliefs out of the minds of the patients on the psychiatric ward you could turn everyone loose but the doctors. Visit his website at: http://www.gymandgyl.com

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Kiosk Article

Evil Spawn of Belief Itself

Belief, by its nature and definition, seeks to control the mind, its meanings and perceptions. When a person truly believes anything, that person then establishes the preference to become a mind-controlled automaton--much more dangerous than any zombie from Hollywood--with the potential to cause remorseless suffering because of, or for the cause of, that Belief.