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Gary Robertson

Gary Robertson works in the field of media intelligence in Brisbane, Australia and has a keen interest in the conflict between theistic and naturalistic accounts of reality, as well as the current culture wars dividing Western societies.

Published on the Secular Web

Kiosk Article

Trivial by Nature: A Critique of Hugh Harris’ Weak Naturalism

In this response to Hugh Harris' earlier Secular Web Kiosk piece "Proposing Weak Naturalism," Gary Robertson reviews some major flaws in Harris' case for what he calls "weak naturalism," which Harris by Harris' definition renders it either trivially true or internally inconsistent. In addition, the scientism, evidentialism, and arguments from ignorance undergirding Harris' arguments are incommensurable and, in the case of scientism, discredited. Furthermore, Harris applies a double standard in requiring scientifically verifiable evidence of his opponents' positions, but not of his own position. Finally, Harris' appeal to a perceived lack of decisive evidence to the contrary amounts to an appeal to ignorance.