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Gary J. Whittenberger

Gary Whittenberger, Ph.D., is a retired psychologist and freelance writer from Tallahassee, Florida. He worked as a clinical psychologist and program administrator in prisons for 23 years, but now devotes his time to studying philosophical and religious problems. He has published articles in Skeptic, Skeptical Inquirer, CSER Review, and American Atheist magazines, and he serves on the steering committee of the Center for Inquiry—Tallahassee Community.

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Kiosk Article

Answering Theists’ Questions

Hemant Mehta, known as the "Friendly Atheist" and the man who "sold his soul on e-Bay," is a well-known defender of the atheist stance who has written at least one best-selling book. Mehta recently persuaded Christian apologist Lee Strobel to answer some questions posed by his atheist friends. Strobel, in turn, asked his Christian theist friends to submit questions for atheists to answer. Seven of Strobel's friends complied. Whittenberger offers his answers to the questions posed by Strobel's Christian theist friends.