G A Wells

G.A. Wells

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Earliest Christianity (1999)

Professor G.A. Wells continues the debate about the origins of Jesus and the development of Christianity. Drawing on the writings of recent theologians and historians and alluding to his latest book, The Jesus Myth, he throws light on the early history of Christianity.

G. A. Wells Replies to Criticisms of his Books on Jesus (2000)

Professor Wells replies to Rev. Neals' attacks on his position.

A Reply to J. P. Holding's 'Shattering' of My Views on Jesus and an Examination of the Early Pagan and Jewish References to Jesus (2000)

Wells replies to Holding's attacks, showing how Holding has misunderstood his position. Wells also defends his position on the early Pagan and Jewish references to Jesus.

A Resurrection Debate: The New Testament Evidence in Evangelical and in Critical Perspective (2000)

Professor Wells' commentary on the debate between Gary Habermas and Antony Flew on the resurrection of Jesus.

G.A. Wells was born in London in 1926, and studied at the University of London and Bern. He holds degrees in German, philosophy, and natural science. He has taught German at London University since 1949, and has been Professor of German at Birkbeck College since 1968.

His major works in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century German language thought and letters are Herder and After (1959), The Plays of Grillparzer (1969), and Goethe and the Development of Science (1978).

Professor Wells has a strong interest in the origins of Christianity. His previous books on the subject include The Jesus of the Early Christians (1971), Did Jesus Exist? (1975), and The Historical Evidence for Jesus (1982). His books have aroused intense controversy by their extremely convincing rehabilitation of the view that Jesus had no historical existence.

G.A. Wells is a former Chairman of the Rationalist Press Association, and is Professor Emeritus of German in the University of London. He is married and lives in St. Albans, near London.