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E. C. Huddleston

E. C. Huddleston is a strong atheist living a hundred miles south of the middle of nowhere in the buckle of the Bible belt. He works an eclectic variety of jobs and spends much of his free time reading nonfiction. He understands that you can only read so many words in your lifetime and hopes to save you from wasting your time on empty ones by calling and weeding out authors who have nothing to say.

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Kiosk Article

A Review of “The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates”

The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates is a recent offering by sociologist and rock 'n' roll publicist Howard Bloom. The book claims to have answered a question that cosmologists and philosophers have been asking since the origins of their fields: How could something as spectacular as the universe have come to be without a divine intelligence devising and setting it into motion? The only attempt the book actually makes at solving the God problem is by outlining what is referred to as, "the Bloom Toroidal Model of the Universe," (also called "the big bagel theory").