David M. Payne

David Payne is a Vietnam vet who had his eyes opened to the real world there. A news and history junkie from an early age, he has attended UNR and TMCC in Reno, Nevada, off and on for twenty five years and will get his BA in BS (otherwise known as a general education degree) some day in the future. He has pursued an eclectic education in political science, history, economics, anthropology, psychology, art, and other subjects that interest him and are too minute to mention, as well as the general studies required by all students of higher learning. He likes to write on political, economic and religious issues as well as dabble in pointed Science Fiction stories.

Published on the Secular Web

The Revenge of the Petty Bourgeoisie Intelligentsia

An irreverent, mildly satirical look at ending the clash between capitalism, communism, socialism and radical repressive fundamentalist religious theocracies; done in the style of the French philosophers, this essay will give you most of the intellectual tools you need, the author hopes, to finally put communism, socialism and repressive religious fundamentalist theocracies where they belong; in the dustbin of history. In this endeavor the author employs relentless logic, evolution, passion, common sense and an offbeat sense of humor to complete the task.