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Dave E. Matson

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Dave E. Matson

Name: Dave Erick Matson

Born (YYYY.MM.DD): 1947.07.04

Occupation: Former computer programmer


  • B.A., Mathematics


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P.O. 61274
Pasadena, CA 91116

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The Faulty Logic Behind the Defense of Divinely Inspired Biblical Massacres

Bible-believers obstinately argue that the divinely sanctioned massacres in the Bible were morally justified--even an example of God's goodness and mercy! If, however, we begin with the assumption that God did, in fact, order those biblical massacres, then let us ask if God is truly good. If this is to be a reasoned inquiry, then we must begin with the possibility that God may or may not be morally perfect. All possibilities must be on the table at the start of an objective inquiry; the evidence must decide, not preconceived doctrine. Are these massacres more likely the work of a morally perfect god or are they more likely the work of a morally defective god?