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Charles Bradlaugh

Charles Bradlaugh

[ 1833 - 1891 ]

Doubts In Dialogue (1884)

A Few Words About the Devil (1864 or earlier)

Humanity's Gain From Unbelief (1889 & 1929)

A Plea For Atheism (1864)

The Roberts-Bradlaugh Debate

What Did Jesus Teach? (1860 or earlier)

Who Was Jesus Christ? (1860)

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Doubts In Dialogue

Doubts In Dialogue Charles Bradlaugh Contents Christian Priest And Unbeliever Part I Part II Christian Priest And Skeptic On Christmastide A Theist And Atheist A Church Of England Curate And A Doubter A Respectable Man Of The World, Reputedly Pious, And A Heritic Addicted To Public Advocacy Of Freethought A Missionary And An Atheist, On […]