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Chad S. Inman

Chad S. Inman (formerly Docterman) has been a critic of religion, and an advocate of secularism and civil liberties, since 1995. He is an ex-Christian raised in a conservative family, and the son of a former Baptist minister. He was at one time an active volunteer with Internet Infidel. He was a founding member of the Campus Freethought Alliance, the United States' first nationwide campus humanist organization. He also founded Rationalists United for Secular Humanism at Marshall University. Popular online works of his have included the God Simulator and Why the Christian God is Impossible, both advocating strong atheism regarding the Christian God. His more recent essays on atheism, Christianity, humanism and liberalism can be found at his blog Truth v World. Chad currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Kiosk Article

Secularists Should Support Civil Marriage Equality for Gays

The failure to distinguish between marriage as a civil institution, and marriage as a religious institution continues to cloud the issue of civil marriage equality for gays. Lawmakers who fail to recognize this distinction appeal to the "sanctity" of marriage in their efforts to ban same-sex marriage. Secularists should call attention to this important distinction between the civil and the religious in order to promote civil liberties and equality.