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Bruce Monson

Bruce Monson was born on February 22, 1967. He is a firefighter-paramedic for the city of Colorado Springs, CO, which he calls "fundyville!"

As of 2001 he has been a firefighter in the Springs for ten years. He has an AS in Fire Science from Rancho Santiago College, CA (1990), and EMT-Paramedic training from Columbia-Swedish Medical Center, Denver, CO (1997), as well as numerous college and professional certifications relating to firefighting, EMS, forensic sciences and critical-incident stress management. He is the founder of a new organization called " Freethought Firefighters International " (FFI), and a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Freethinkers of Colorado Springs, American Atheists, People For the American Way, American Red Cross, and MDA. A USCF National Master, Bruce has written a book on chess, The Complete Guide to the Belgrade Gambit (Dearborn, 1997), and multiple articles on chess for various chess publications in the U.S., Germany, Yugoslavia, Ireland, and the Netherlands (cf. Belgrade Gambit & Other Knightmares ). He also has an avid interest in Biblical archaeology, ancient Egyptian history, the ancient Near East, and comparative world religions & mythology. He can be contacted at bamonson@pcisys.net .

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A Firefighter Speaks-Out

An unbelieving firefighter puts a challenge to the Christian God, using a perspective through the eyes of a profession where the disconcerting tragedy of child deaths cut to your core and, unfortunately, is dealt with all too frequently.