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Bill Cooke

Bill Cooke

Does God Exist? (2002)

Dr. Bill Cooke of the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists engages a short, Internet debate on whether God exists with Imran Aijaz of the Auckland University Islamic Society. The debate was moderated by Richard Carrier. All parties agreed to four rounds, with a limit of 1500 words each.

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Does God Exist? Second Rebuttal by Bill Cooke

Does God Exist? (2002) Bill Cooke’s Second Rebuttal: Super Duper’s (or Was It Hyper Mega’s) Last Gasp One really wonders what value there is in thrashing out questions of the existence of God. The evidence against the existence of any sort of god is so overwhelming as to be hardly worth arguing. And, as I […]

Does God Exist? Bill Cooke’s Closing Statement

Does God Exist? (2002) Bill Cooke’s Closing Statement: Behold the new god! Anthropocentric conceit! Having lunged and parried in cyberspace on the question of the possible existence of a god, how far have we got? I doubt anyone’s mind has been changed significantly. All that has probably happened as a result of these exchanges is […]