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Albert So—author, composer and provocateur—has accepted, if not necessarily embraced, the fact that he will mostly likely die in obscurity. His book, Peter's Out: How the Catholic Church Ends, is available in ebook format from Amazon's Kindle store.

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Peter’s Out: How the Catholic Church Ends

Peter will be the last pope. Born saintly, and a bit odd, the child, the adolescent, the teen, the young man, and the mature adult experience things that eventually infallible people rarely do: kills a nun, hangs out naked with the other kids, pretends to say mass, deals with, you know, gay people, and deconstructs a two-thousand year-old institution. This mockumentary is enhanced by factual historical details as well as occasional avoidance of current events. The riveting narrative includes answers to questions that non-Catholics have pestered Catholics about for centuries: "What's up with The Trinity?" "What's up with the rosary?" and "What's up with the Body & Blood of Christ thing?" For the many unwitting readers who will wonder, "Is Peter's Out controversial?" there is only one answer: is the pope a Catholic?