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AJ Milne

AJ Milne is a Canadian citizen who lived some years in the United States. He is married and a father. He is employed as a senior software designer with a sizeable telecom. In former lives, he has been a reporter, and a web designer, among other things. Strangely, however, his degree is in biology. He cannot precisely remember how all of this happened. His likes are too numerous to list here, so a few of his dislikes will be mentioned instead. His dislikes include political and economic ideologies entirely divorced from empirical criticism, and thus evolved to extraordinarily hazardous, extraordinarily arrogant de facto religions; all mysticism, obscurantism, and superstition; all persons who pervert reason to defend the same; and all who cheapen the complex beauty of this existence by attempting to insist that such mental cancers are necessary lenses for its appreciation. AJ was the Editor of the Internet Infidels News Wire.

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