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July 23, 2009

New in the Bookstore: Why Evolution Is True (2009) by Jerry A. Coyne

Among the wonders that science has uncovered about the universe, no subject has sparked more fascination and fury than evolution. In all the current highly publicized debates about creationism and its descendant "intelligent design," there is an element of the controversy that is rarely mentioned--the evidence, the empirical truth of evolution by natural selection. Yet the proof is vast, varied, and magnificent, drawn from many different fields of science. Why Evolution is True is a succinct and accessible exposition of the facts supporting Darwinian evolution.

July 14, 2009

New in the Kiosk: Review of Hugh Ross' More Than a Theory (2009) by Nick Covington

"This is a review of More than a Theory by Dr. Hugh Ross. Ross' goal in writing this book is to present a 'testable creation model.' My goal in writing this response is to challenge the arguments he makes and point out potential and/or actual problems with it. Although it would be impossible for me to point out all problems I see in his book, I think it would be pertinent to the evolution/creation debate to point out the most serious problems."


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