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August 26, 2007

Added The First Illogical Acts of God (2007) by H. A. Zach to the Secular Web Kiosk.

"I have found the best source to confirm the nonexistence of God is the Bible itself. Following is a typical example of how utterly ridiculous the God of the Bible actually is." - H. A. Zach

August 12, 2007

Added Ten Ways to Be an Atheist Activist (2007) by Brian Parra to the Secular Web Kiosk.

"So you've come to understand that you are an atheist. Now what? To the uninformed, it might seem that there isn't much to do as an atheist. Well, in fact there is quite a bit to do as an atheist that encourages community, support for church/state separation issues, and the national understanding of atheism."

August 5, 2007

Added The Failure of Daniel's Prophecies (2007) by Chris Sandoval to the Biblical Errancy and Prophecy pages under Christianity in the Modern Documents section of the Secular Web Library.

The prophecies of the book of Daniel have fascinated readers and created controversy for the past two thousand years. Evangelical Christians believe that the prophet Daniel, an official in the courts of Near-Eastern emperors in the sixth century BC, foretold the future of the world from his own time to the end of the age. Actually, the book was written in Palestine in the mid-second century BC by an author who expected God to set up his everlasting kingdom in his own near future. The failure of his prediction refutes evangelical claims that the Bible is inerrant and prophecy proves its divine inspiration.

Added Darwin's Conflict with His Wife and God (2007) by Dr. Khalid Sohail to the Secular Web Kiosk.

"Darwin was clear in his heart and mind that man was an evolved ape rather than a fallen angel and that life could be understood without divine revelations, but as far as his wife's feelings were concerned he could not change her mind and heart, and had to live with that conflict and sadness all his life. The pain he experienced is evident from the note that was found at the bottom of his wife's letter." - Khalid Sohail

August 1, 2007

Book-of-the-Month: Is There Life After Death? An Examination of the Empirical Evidence (2005) by David Lester

Is there life after death? Belief in some form of afterlife has persisted nearly universally across cultures for thousands of years. But what of the empirical evidence for survival of bodily death? Research into such phenomena has uncovered inconvenient facts that undermine the notion that they provide evidence for life after death. Perhaps most interesting of all is that different sources of supposed survival evidence are not congruent with each other.

Featured Article: "Soul" Searching (2006) by Dan Ferrisi

"I often find myself humbly suggesting that it is possible to raise children every bit as ethical, caring, loving, humane, inspired and well-adjusted without religion as with it. I don't believe parenting without religion is merely "as good" as parenting with it--I think it is immeasurably better. I think it blows the doors off religious parenting in every respect--powerful inquiry, reasoned ethics, ecstatic inspiration, cosmic humility and profound humanity. No need to waste time raining reason on the deaf ears of the faithful. Let the baby have his bottle. Our time is better spent clearing a space for the rest of us to dance with our children."


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