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Student Organizations Around the World

Umbrella Organizations

Atheism Central for Secondary Schools (UK)—a site which provides support for atheist and agnostic students in British secondary schools and introduces students to humanist ideas.

Center for Inquiry—On Campus—An organization dedicated to promoting and defending reason, science and freedom of inquiry in education, and to the enhancement of freethought, skepticism, secularism, humanism, philosophical naturalism, rationalism, and atheism on college and high school campuses throughout North America and around the world.

International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation—IHEYO is the Youth section of IHEU (International Humanist and Ethical Union). It is an international network for humanist youth and their organisations/groups around the world. It is devoted to promoting the spread of humanism among young people and to promoting greater cooperation amongst those already involved with humanism around the world.

National Federation of Atheist, Humanist & Secular Student Societies—AHS is an umbrella organization that represents freethinking student societies in Great Britain.

Secular Student Alliance—An independent umbrella organization for student groups and individuals of all ages. Also includes alumni, off-campus supporters, faculty advisors and secular organization alliances.

Transhumanist Student Network—An international nonprofit membership organization which advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities, in addition to developing a vibrant local transhumanist community through activities and events.



University of Melbourne Secular Society



t'Zal Wel Gaan (Ghent University)



Jeunes Humanistes du Cameroun (Université de Yaoundé, Soa)



Guelph Skeptics (University of Guelph)

Manitoban Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists (University of Manitoba)

Queen's Secularists and Inquirers (Queen's University)

UBC Skeptics (University of British Columbia)

University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics

University of Toronto Secular Alliance

University of Winnipeg Atheist Students Association



Aktive Humanisten Greifswald (University of Greifswald)



Skeptíkus (University of Iceland)


New Zealand

Auckland University Atheists



National Association of Philosophy Students

University of Ibadan Humanists



Kasese Humanist Primary School


United Kingdom

Aberdeen University Secular Humanist and Atheist Society

Cambridge University Atheist and Agnostic Society

Leeds Atheist Society (University of Leeds)

University of Edinburgh Humanist Society

University of Leicester Atheist Society


United States of America

United States Air Force Academy Cadet Freethinkers




Birmingham Freethought Society (University of Alabama, Birmingham)



UAA Freethinkers Society (University of Alaska, Anchorage)



Secular Freethought Society (Arizona State University)



Occam's Razors (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville)



Adult Thought at UCSD (University of California, San Diego)

Agnostic and Atheist Student Association (University of California, Davis)

Atheist Student Organization (Sacramento State University)

Atheists, Agnostics, and Rationalists @ UCI (University of California, Irvine)

Bruin Alliance of Skeptics and Secularists (University of California, Los Angeles)

Fullerton Atheists and Agnostics (California State University, Fullerton)

The Round Earth Society (Cal Poly Pomona)

SDSU Campus Freethought Alliance (San Diego State University)

Secular Alliance (University of Southern California)

Stanford Humanists (Stanford University)

Students for A Nonreligious Ethos (University of California, Berkeley)



Student Association of Agnostics and Non-Theists (Colorado State University)

UCCS Freethinkers (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)



No known groups with websites



Secular Student Alliance at the University of Delaware



Atheists at the University of South Florida

Atheist Student Alliance (University of South Florida)

Freethought UWF (University of West Florida)

Gator Freethought (University of Florida)

SPECTRUM (Valencia Community College East)

Union of Freethinking Students (Florida State University)



The Sagan Society (University of Georgia)



No known groups with websites



U of I Freethought Society (University of Idaho)



Bradley Skeptics (Bradley University)

Democratic Transhumanists (University of Chicago)

New Humanists of Northwestern University

NIU Atheists, Agnostics, and Free Thinkers (Northern Illinois University - Dekalb)

Rationalists and Freethinkers (University of Illinois at Chicago)



IUPUI Freethinkers (Indiana University, Purdue University - Indianapolis)

Purdue Skeptics Society

Secular Alliance of IU (Indiana University)

The Society of Non-Theists (Purdue University)



ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society (Iowa State University)

University of Iowa Freethinkers



Individuals for Freethought (Kansas State University)

Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics (University of Kansas)



Society for Humanistic, Intellectual, and Free Thought (University of Kentucky)



Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics (Louisiana State University)



No known groups with websites



Maryland Atheist Students Association (University of Maryland, College Park)



Harvard Secular Society

Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard

MIT Atheists, Agnostics, and Humanists

Tufts Freethought Society Secular Student Association



Center for Inquiry | On Campus - Michigan (Aquinas College, Cornerstone University, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids Community College)

Michigan State University Freethinker Alliance

Secular Student Alliance (University of Michigan)



Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists (University of Minnesota)



No known groups with websites



Freethinkers Society (Truman State University)

MU Skeptics, Atheists, Secular Humanists, and Agnostics (Missouri University)



UM Humanist Student Fellowship (University of Montana)



No known groups with websites



No known groups with websites


New Hampshire

No known groups with websites


New Jersey

CommonSense (Princeton University)


New Mexico

UNM Humanist Society (University of New Mexico)


New York

Atheism and Agnosticism Awareness Society (Cornell University)

Atheist League of Vassar College

Atheists, Agnostics and Freethinkers of Hamilton College

Atheists, Agnostics and Freethinkers at New York University

Columbia Atheists & Agnostics

RIT Skeptics (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Stony Brook University Freethinkers (Rochester Institute of Technology)

UB Freethinkers (State University of New York at Buffalo)


North Carolina

Atheist, Agnostic, and Non-Religious Student Association (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Secular Humanists on Campus (Eastern Carolina University)


North Dakota

No known groups with websites



Cleveland State University Non-Prophets

Denison University Campus Freethought Alliance

Students for Freethought at The Ohio State University



Atheists and Agnostics of the University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Secular Society



Atheist - Agnostic Students (Portland State University)

Reed Secular Alliance (Reed College)

Society for Logic and Reason (Oregon State University)



Brown Freethought (Brown University)


Rhode Island No known groups with websites


South Carolina

Atheist-Humanist Alliance (College of Charleston)


South Dakota

Secular Student Organization (Dakota State University)

Tech Freethought Society (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)



Freethought at ETSU (East Tennessee State University)

Raiders for Rationalism (Middle Tennesee State University)



Agnostic and Atheist Student Group (Texas A & M University)

Atheist Agenda (University of Texas, San Antonio)

Atheists, Freethinkers and Agnostics (San Antonio College)

Atheists and Freethinkers Society (University of Texas, Dallas)

Freethinkers of UTA (University of Texas, Arlington)

Secular Humanists International (University of Texas at Austin)

Sam Houston Atheist Alliance (Sam Houston State University)



No known groups with websites



No known groups with websites



Freethinkers at Virginia Tech

JMU Freethinkers (James Madison University)

The Rationalist Society (Washington and Lee University School of Law)

United Secular Alliance (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Virginia Atheists and Agnostics (University of Virginia)


Washington (state)

Atheist and Agnostic Student Group (Washington State University)

Humanist Action League (Eastern Washington University)

Secular Student Union (University of Washington)

Washington University League of Freethinkers


Washington, D.C.

Science & Knowledge Empowering People to Intelligently Choose (George Washington University)


West Virginia

No known groups with websites



Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics at UW-Madison (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Lawrence University Forum for Free Thought

Students For Freethought (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)

UW-Oshkosh Freethinkers (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh)



No known groups with websites

If you would like us to link an organization's web page in this index, you may request a link via e-mail to Keith Augustine.

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