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Tim Madigan

Author Bio ]

Suffer The Little Children (1997) (Off site)

Madigan comments on the Vatican's announcement that it would not donate its annual pledge of $2,000 to UNICEF, the UN's children's fund, because of UNICEF's alleged advocacy of birth control and abortion in its family planning work.

The Next Generation (1996/1997) (Off site)

Madigan reflects on the inauguration of the Campus Freethought Alliance.

Tower of Babble (1996) (Off site)

Madigan has encountered freethinkers who are former Mormons, Seventh-Day Adventists, Baptists, Methodists, Greek Orthodox, and pre- and post-Vatican II Catholics. He has also met with former members of Buddhist, Muslim , Hindu, Jewish, and other non-Christian religions.

To Bash Or Not To Bash (1996) (Off site)

Just why is it that humanists have a predisposition toward ridiculing religious practices? For many of us, there is a therapeutic component involved.

To Life (1996) (Off site)

Madigan discusses Pope John Paul II's denouncement of the growing movements toward legalization of abortion and euthanasia.

Mad Again (1995/1996) (Off site)

A recent MAD magazine poked fun at the self-righteousness and narrow-mindedness of members of the Radical Religious Right.

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