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Stephen Jay Gould

Asking Big Questions on Science and Meaning: A Review of Fire in the Mind: Science, Faith, and the Search for Order (1995) (Off Site)

Darwinian Fundamentalism: Review of Darwin's Dangerous Idea" (Off Site)

"Yet, amidst all this turmoil, no biologist has been lead to doubt the fact that evolution occurred; we are all debating how it happened.

The Evolution of Life on the Earth (Off Site)

The history of life is not necessarily progressive; it is certainly not predictable. The earth's creatures have evolved through a series of contingent and fortuitous events.

Impeaching a Self-Appointed Judge (1992) (Off Site)

Hooking Leviathan by Its Past (1997) (Off Site)

The Pattern of Life's History (1995) (Off Site)

Let's Leave Darwin Out of It (Off Site)

Nonmoral Nature (1994) (Off Site)

The Piltdown Conspiracy (1983) (Off Site)

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