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Leonard Jayawardena


Author Bio ]

Solution to the Jehu Problem (2006)

In 2 Kings 10:30 God commends Jehu for his destruction of the house of Ahab, while in Hosea 1:4 he apparently condemns him for it. This contradiction results from taking the phrase "the blood of Jezreel" in the latter passage as a reference to Jehu's massacre of some members of the house of Ahab in Jezreel. Jayawardena argues against this construction, interpreting "the blood of Jezreel" as a reference to the blood of the Israelites shed by enemy nations during the Jehu dynasty as a result of divine judgment against the idolatry of the nation, which Hosea declares is going to be avenged upon the house of Jehu. In addition to a commendation of Jehu, 2 Kings 10:30 contains an implied judgment of his house in the fourth generation for his idolatry.

What was "the Blood of Jezreel"? (2008) by Farrell Till

In his 2006 "Solution to the Jehu Problem," Leonard Jayawardena published a "solution" to the inconsistency in 2 Kings 10:30, which praised Jehu for having massacred the royal family of Israel at Jezreel, and Hosea 1:4, which pronounced a judgment of condemnation on the house of Jehu for "the blood of Jezreel." In 2004 Jayawardena was singing the praises of an entirely different "solution" to this discrepancy. This was the beginning of a debate between Jayawardena and myself on the Jehu "solution," in which Jayawardena was then hawking that he had figured out why there was no discrepancy in the views of Hosea and the author of 2 Kings on Jehu's massacre at Jezreel. His 2006 position is very different from his former one, but no less flawed than his original position.

Reply to Farrell Till's Rebuttal of "Solution to the Jehu Problem" (2008) (Off Site) by Leonard Jayawardena

Leonard Jayawardena's reply to Farrell Till's rebuttal of "Solution to the Jehu Problem."

Leonard Jayawardena's Continuing Defense of His Second "Solution" to the Jehu Problem (2008) (Off Site) by Farrell Till

Farrell Till's response to Leonard Jayawardena's continuing defense of his second "solution" to the Jehu Problem.

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