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Jim Lippard

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Criticism of "Is Jesus God?" by John Maisel (1993)

Critique of a small widely distributed apologetic booklet.

Criticism of Immortality by J.P. Moreland and Gary Habermas (1993)

A page-by-page critique of the book (recently reissued with a few additional chapters as Beyond Death) which was sent to the authors, and a reply to their responses.

Criticism of "Scaling the Secular City" by J.P. Moreland (1990)

An extremely short book review published in The Frontline.

The Fabulous Prophecies of the Messiah (1993)

An essay on alleged messianic prophecies.

Response to "The Fabulous Prophecies of the Messiah" (1995) by James D. Price


Book Reviews

Review of Michael Bauman's Man and Creation (1994)

Four-fifths of a review originally posted to the newsgroup back in 1994. (If you happen to have the final segment of the review, please contact us.)

Review of Duane Gish's "Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics" (1994)

A review of Gish's attempted response to critics, originally published in the American Scientific Affiliation's Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith.

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