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Brief Biography of

Fred Edwords


Name: Frederick Earl Edwords

Birth Date (YYYY.MM.DD): 1948.07.19

Occupation: Director of Planned Giving AHA

Title(s): Humanist Minister, HS; Humanist Leader, HI

Affiliations: AHA, HS, THI, IHEU


  • "Requiem for a Freedom Fighter," The Humanist Jul/Aug 1995
  • "Bucking the Currents: The Life and Legacy of James Hervey Johnson," Humanism Today 1993
  • "Myth and Symbol in the Pattern of Truth" Humanism Today 1993
  • "Can There Be a New Age Humanism?" Humanism Today 1992
  • "Creationism Is Not Dead!" The Truth Seeker, Jul 1990
  • "Rushdie Versus the Sword of Islam," The Humanist May/Jun 1989
  • "A Humanist Governor Transforms Her State," The Humanist Jul/Aug 1988
  • "Teaching about Humanism as Religion," Religion & Public Education, Winter 1987
  • "The Religious Character of American Patriotism," The Humanist Nov/Dec 1987
  • "Getting Out God's Vote: Pat Robertson and the Evangelicals," The Humanist May/Jun 1987
  • "Atheist or Agnostic?" The American Rationalist, Mar/Apr and Jul/Aug 1987
  • "Students Speak Out Against Textbook Censorship," The Humanist Mar/Apr 1987
  • "A Face-to-Face Interview with Soviet Atheist Leaders," The Humanist Jan/Feb 1987
  • ""Scientific Illiteracy," July/Aug 1986
  • "Developing a Humanistic Calendar," Humanism Today 1986
  • "The Human Basis of Laws and Ethics," The Humanist May/Jun 1985
  • (contributor) Scientists Confront Creationism, Laurie R. Godfrey (Ed.), W. W. Norton, 1984
  • "The Humanist Philosophy in Perspective," The Humanist Jan/Feb 1984
  • (contributor) Evolution versus Creationism: The Public Education Controversy, J. Peter Zetterberg (Ed.), Oryx Press, 1983
  • "A Scientific Basis for Creation -- A Debate with Norman Geisler," Creation/Evolution Summer 1983 (and two subsequent issues)
  • "Those Amazing Animals: The Whales and the Dolphins," Creation/Evolution Fall 1982
  • "The Dilemma of the Horned Dinosaurs," Creation/Evolution Summer 1982
  • "Creation-Evolution Debates: Who's Winning Them Now?" Creation/Evolution Spring 1982
  • "Victory in Arkansas: The Trial, Decision, and Aftermath," Creation/Evolution Winter 1982
  • "Part 2, The Educational Issues," Creation/Evolution Winter 1981
  • "Why Creationism Should Not Be Taught As Science - Part 1, The Legal Issues," Creation/Evolution Summer 1980

Other Relevant Misc. Info:

  • Humcon Pioneer, HUMCON (1992)
  • Humanist Pioneer Award, American Humanist Association (1986)
  • Rationalist of the Year, American Rationalist Federation (1984)
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